Sunday, December 30, 2012


I stared at the screen open mouthed and a few seconds later I started bouncing up and down in my bed going Ahhh! Ahhh! silently!!!( I had to scream silently because it was 8 in the morning and my sister was asleep in the next bed and normally we don't really wake up before 11 or 12) (what can I say it's the holiday and I love to sleep ;) ) I was just going through Wendy Higgins's tweets and I saw this and then this and then I saw some more of this  I was like OMO OMG OMO OMG .....* opening
 my mouth as wide as it could go and silent screaming up in to plain white walls of my bedroom*
*all the while jumping super silently as well*
Holy crap!!! Hush Hush one of my all time favorite books of FOREVER!!! is going to be made into a movie!!!! WHOA This is super huge it is bigger than the whopper burgers my friends and I stuffed in our mouths today!!!

And even better news the guy who I practically envision as Kaidan is auditioning!!!
But I really think of him as Kaidan and Patch in my head is so .... Unreal its going to be so hard to think of whoever plays him as Patch.

That said ... Ladies and a few gentlemen who read my blog I present to you Wade Poezyn the guy who gives me Kaidan dreams .....*sigh at his amazing hotness*

Although he is not the cover model he does  look a little like him doesn't he?!
So what do you think guys does he seem fit*giggles on the pun* to play Patch Cipriano.
I really like him as Kaidan and he is pretty fixed in my head so I don't know how I can transfer the image in my brain but I'll try for Kai and FOR PATCH!!! OH PATCH!!!

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