Tuesday, August 6, 2013

ARC Review - A Tale of Two Centuries by Rachel Harris

A Tale of Two Centuries (My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century, #2)

Alessandra D’Angeli is in need of an adventure. Tired of her sixteenth-century life in Italy and homesick for her time-traveling cousin, Cat, who visited her for a magical week and dazzled her with tales of the future, Alessandra is lost. Until the stars hear her plea.

One mystical spell later, Alessandra appears on Cat’s Beverly Hills doorstep five hundred years in the future. Surrounded by confusing gadgets, scary transportation, and scandalous clothing, Less is hesitant to live the life of a twenty-first century teen…until she meets the infuriating—and infuriatingly handsome—surfer Austin Michaels. Austin challenges everything she believes in…and introduces her to a world filled with possibility.

With the clock ticking, Less knows she must live every moment of her modern life while she still can. But how will she return to the drab life of her past when the future is what holds everything she’s come to love?

 Yaay! *happy dancing* (just kidding my dancing sucks!) I just loved every single word and letter of it. And I think I have a serious case of book hangover! At first I thought the book would be weird because it was told in Alessandra's point of view, and since she is from the 16th century I thought the language and mannerisms would be different in a bad way. The language was a little different, BUT in a totally good way.

I was actually blown away by this book. I was totally able to connect with Cat in the previous book because her voice was very relatable, I would have completely lost it if I landed in the 16th century because I'm all for women's rights and all that. But I never, ever would have thought that I would be able to connect with Alessandra.

In the beginning I was like "Come on Less this is the 21st century embrace it, because it's awesome living here." I was literally screaming all kinds of stuff at Alessandra in my head because I just couldn't fathom how she could find it difficult to adjust in this world. And when she learnt to let go of a few of her inhibitions I was jumping for joy because I was so happy that she got to experience some of the freedom and fun that we take for granted today.
To be honest I really didn't like Lorenzo that much. He didn't really get to me the way Austin and Lucas did. Austin is sooooo swoon worthy! *fans self* He is so awesomely awesome! He was one those sort of bad boys I guess. He so totally belongs in the broody, hot boy category. But he wasn't exactly your leather-jacket-wearing-motorcycle-riding guys. He was a hot board-shorts-wearing-wetsuit-wearing-surf-riding surfer. God he was so HOTT. (This guy so totally deserves the extra T).

Alessandra and Austin had one those back and forth bantery type of relationships and I loved it. He was really rude in the beginning though. Picture a wrestling ring and Alessandra and Austin on opposite ends. I pictured my self to be the girl who gives water and pumps up the wrestler. Every time Alessandra and Austin faced off I found my self telling her to not go easy on the jerk and then telling her to be easy because he has such a rugged, beautiful face, the very next minute. I loved how Less was able to channel her inner feisty princess.

Out of all the books that I've read and all the characters that I've hung out with, I felt like Alessandra was the realest of them all. I actually felt like she was a real human being and I was watching her journey unfold in front of my eyes. Waves of awesomeness literally resonated in me when I was reading this book. I was so happy when she let go of her reservations and just enjoyed her time in our world.

The ending was something I never expected. It really surprised me and I loved it! I think it's established that I loved everything in this book. I'm so glad I signed up to review this book. I only wished I could have put up my review earlier, so as to rub it in everyone else's faces. Although the ending wasn't a cliff-hanger, I can't wait for the third and final book to come out.

Rating:- 5 stars

*A review copy was provided by the author for an honest review.

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