Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Yaay!!! It's finally 2014. I'm so relieved to be in the new year. The last year to be honest wasn't good for me at all. It was actually kind of horrible. But I have good feeling about this year. It better be good!
Anyway I haven't blogged in months. The last time I blogged was October! The thing is I have some really big career deciding exams coming up over the next few months and I really can't do anything but study. I haven't read a single book since November... and it's making me sad but I have to focus because these marks really matter. I promise that I will start blogging on the 2nd of April. My exams get over on the 1st. Although I've been on an unofficial hiatus since October, I'm making it official now. So bye!!! You'll see me on the 2nd of APRIL!!!!!


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