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Blog Tour - Review and Excerpt of Shutdown by Heather Anastasiu

Shutdown (Glitch, #3)The battle is all but over, and hope seems to be lost.  Zoe and her fellow Resistance fighters are on the run, having lost their home, their protection, and their leader. They are outnumbered and outmatched by the powerful corporation that controls the world, and the cruel Chancellor is inches away from completing a scheme that would kill most of humanity. Zoe's only remaining option is to chase the impossible dream of upending the Link system, freeing the world from the hardware that controls their thoughts and emotions, and hope it will trigger a revolution.

The plot requires a nearly impossible mission to infiltrate the dangerous Community, and it is a task that Zoe must unfortunately complete alone. With challenges and surprises at every turn, nothing goes according to plan. Adrien's visions of the future now show two possible outcomes: one in which they succeed, and one in which humanity falls. It all lies in Zoe's hands.

Full of romance, high-adrenaline action and shocking twists, Shutdown is a heart-pounding conclusion to an exciting sci-fi adventure trilogy for young adults. The thrilling conclusion to an action-packed sci-fi trilogy.

The cover is so pretty isn't it?!! Is it just me or does the girl look a lot like that girl from Spy Kids...... Carmen, I think that's her name in the movie, I don't know her real name and I'm way too lazy to find out.
The way the previous book ended was ... not good. We can say that it tore our hearts out and squeezed the emotion from our hearts and that it made us wallow in our sorrow, but to put it in plain and simple words, it sucked. It totally SUCKED!

Adrien, our poor Adrien, what happened to him was horrible but I love how Heather morphed the bad into something sweet. I can't give away any spoilers, but let's just say that this book does have it's fair or more than fair share of heartbreak. When I started reading this book I was like, it's obviously not going to affect me much because I thought that Override was the mother of all devastation and anguish. But let's just say that I would have taken a dozen Overrides over Shutdown. But then again that's what makes this book the perfect and I mean The perfect end to the series.

The characters all grew so much and I loved and I mean loved Adrien and Zoe! I really did not expect that. And you will know what that means when you read the book. I want to add spoilers so badly, but I can't and it's so ... so shunting annoying. I hope I used that right.

Since I've never written a review of Glitch or Override before I never got to say how much I love that word. It's so apt, I don't know whether Heather did it on purpose... she probably did. But shunts are things they put in the brain and Grey's Anatomy lovers will be familiar with the word and others just look it up. It fits so perfectly because the whole series revolves around the V-chip they insert into your brain. And although the word was only present in Override once or twice, there are a lot of shunt worthy things that happen in Shutdown.

This book was a tumultuous read that I'm pretty sure no one will not like. If someone gives this book less than 4 stars you should take it up with me Heather. It was one big cocktail of emotions, that you never want to stop drinking. Even though it tasted a little bitter and sad sometimes you just want to keep gulping, because the sweet bit was to die for. And a lot of people did die. If you loved Override, you will ... love, loooooove Shutdown!

Excerpt Time!!!

The fog tumbled along the ground. I reached out to touch it, imagining it would feel like cotton. But my fingers passed right through. I looked over at Adrien. The fog curled around him, and suddenly I had the strangest fear that he was a ghost. Adrien had read to me about them once, a long time ago. Intangible spirits who took the shape of people you'd loved and lost.

And then suddenly, instead of laughing, I wanted to cry. Because that was what Adrien felt like to me now. A hollow echo who took the shape of the boy I'd loved, the boy who'd died all those months ago. I reached out for him, terrified my fingers would pass through him like they had the fog.
But he was solid. I almost choked with relief. He wasn't a ghost. He was still there. He was my Adrien, and he always would be. I didn't care what he said.

I rolled myself toward him and kissed his lips. He blinked in surprise, but didn't pull away. I kissed him harder, pressing my lips against his. Then almost without thinking, I wrapped my arms against around his body, pulling him into me. For a moment, just a moment, I could pretend that he was my Adrien. ~ ~ ~ pg 113 - 114, Shutdown ARC.

Review - 4.5 stars.
A copy of the book was provided by the author, through Netgalley, for an honest review.

Release Date: July 2nd 2013
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Purchase: Amazon
 Heather Anastasiu
About the Author

Heather Anastasiu grew up in Texas and recently moved to Minneapolis with her family. When she's not busy getting lost exploring the new city, she spends most days writing at a café or daydreaming about getting a new tattoo. |

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